PowerView® 101

  • For modern electronic engines and equipment applications using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network
  • Displays over 50 standard SAE J1939 parameters broadcast by engine and transmission ECU's
  • Displays active and ECU-stored faults with text description for diagnosing equipment malfunctions
  • Simple connection to optional components

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Technical Information:

PV101-A, V2.3 Modifications Insert* (00-02-0817; revision date - 11/2011)

*The Modifications Insert contains information about Version 2.3 changes to the PV101-A. If you are using a PV101-A that was shipped after December 16, 2011, please review the information in this document. Current PV101-A's are being shipped with the prior User's Guide along with this insert.


Sales Bulletin - Model PV101-A-HAZ/PV101-C-HAZ (1411568; revision date - 09/2015)

Installation/Operation Instructions - Model PV101-A-HAZ (00-02-0714; revision date - 02/2015)

Technical Information: