W0156 / W0169

  • Protection Against Dangerously Low Oil Pressure or High Temperature
  • Closed-loop Circuitry Ensures Proper Operation at All Times
  • Weatherproof and Shock-Mounted
  • Complete Kit Ready for Easy Installation
  • Fits Deutz FL912 and FL913 Series and Other Engines
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The W0156 and W0169 panel kits were developed specifically for air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines where a weatherproof engine panel is required. Both kits feature Swichgage® protection for low engine oil pressure and high cylinder head or high oil temperature. Shock-mounted panel bolts directly to the flywheel housing or bracket of your design. 

These kits were originally designed for Deutz FL912 and FL913 Series engines but can be used on a variety of engines. Internal wiring mates with a standard Deutz circuit. 

Panel kits include: 

  • Low Lube Oil Pressure Swichgage instrument
  • Cylinder Head/Oil Temperature Swichgage instrument 
  • 518PH Magnetic Switch
  • Alternator failure light
  • Ignition key switch
  • Provisions for additional Swichgage instruments such as irrigation pump pressure or voltmeter/ammeter etc.
  • Provisions for tachometer 

Swichgage products are two instruments in one: (1) an accurate indicating gage with (2) a built-in, adjustable limit switch. 

A 518PH Magnetic Switch provides a closed-loop circuit to ensure proper operation at all times. The 518PH allows the system to be sensitive to open circuits, broken wires, false grounds, corrosion, loss of power and other factors which could otherwise prevent the protective controls from operating.  

The mounting panel is enclosed. Panel Kits are pre-wired, ready to install and are available for 12- or 24- VDC systems.*