ML100 Panels

  • Tier 4/Stage IIIB/IV Compliant/Ready
  • Standard Panel Designed for Modern Electronic Engines and Equipment Applications Using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • PowerView Model 101 Displays More Than 50 Standard SAE J1939 Parameters Broadcast by Major Engine and Transmission Manufacturers ECUs 
  • Display Active Faults and ECU-Stored Faults with Text Description on Most Common Faults for  Diagnosing Equipment Malfunctions
  • Standard Harnesses Available for Most Major Engine Manufacturers ECUs
  • Enclosed Design or Flat Panel Option

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The MurphyLink® Series ML100 Panel features the PV101-C display, which was developed to meet the needs for instrumentation and control on electronically controlled engines communicating using the SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN). 

This basic panel contains a key switch, increment/decrement throttle and the PowerView® display. This standard panel can be ordered with or without an enclosure, because all of the components are assembled to a stand-alone flat panel. Optional mounting kits are offered for the enclosure, which provide packagers and operators numerous mounting solutions to meet multiple applications. Panel designs are offered to meet the needs of specific engine models. In addition, Murphy offers standard wiring harnesses for quick plug-and-go operation that interface with all the second-generation MurphyLink PowerView panels. 

The PV101 Display is a multifunction tool that enables equipment operators to view many different engine or transmission parameters and service codes. The PowerView display includes a graphical, backlighted LCD screen. It has excellent contrast and viewing from all angles. The display can show either a single parameter or a quadrant display for viewing four parameters simultaneously. Diagnostic capabilities include fault codes with text translation for the most common fault conditions. 

The PowerView display has four buttons using touch-sensitive technology, which eliminates the concern for push button wear and failure. In addition, operators can navigate the display with ease. Enhanced alarm indication uses ultra bright alarm and shutdown LEDs (amber and red). The PowerView display has a wide operating temperature range of -40° to185° F (-40° to +85° C), display viewing -20° to185° F (-29° to +85° C) and environmental sealing to +/- 5 PSI.