WDU Series

  • Pressure Gage: 0-80 PSI (0-500 kPa)
  • Engine Temperature Gage: 140°-300°F (60°-150°C)
  • Volt Meter (8-18 VDC)
  • Tachometer/Hourmeter (0-4000 RPM)
  • Key Switch (Heavy-Duty)
  • Engine Preheat with Red Indicator Lamp
  • Murphy 760A Safety Shutdown (Automatic Time Delayed for Start-up)
  • Panel Mount Fuse
  • Recessed and Protected Front Panel
  • Durable Powder-Coat Finished Enclosure and Mounting Bracket
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

Deutz engines that come factory equipped with electric-switched oil pressure and temperature senders can now be outfitted with a standard line of electric gage plug-and-go panels that take the work and time out of the installation process. Two bolts mount the panel to the engine’s bell housing, and the included wiring allows for fast plug-and-go assembly. Simply remove two screws and the front hinged panel drops down allowing access to all the internal components. These panels are offered in three versions to accommodate all wiring and mounting requirements for DEUTZ 1011/2011, 912/913 and 914 Engines.

The panels are designed to compliment Deutz engines supplied with pre-installed factory-set electric switched senders. Protection against low oil pressure and high engine temperature is achieved with the Murphy 760A Time Delayed Magnetic Switch. A panel mounted 10 amp fuse protects the sensitive instrumentation from any over-current situation and stops the engine if blown. The Deutz pre-installed electric switched senders supply all shut-down signals directly to the Murphy 760A providing reliable and proven engine protection in harsh environments.

Critical engine information is provided with Murphy’s environmentally sealed, LED illuminated EG Series electric gages. Known for their reliable performance and constructed of corrosion resistive materials, these rugged gages exceed SAE J1810 standards for use in tough off-road and industrial power unit applications. A unique spin-on gage clamp keeps the gages tight even in high vibration applications. Murphy’s alternator driven ATHA 4000 RPM tachometer provides accurate display of engine speed with its back-lit dial, while the digital hour meter records the elapsed engine run time. The heavy-duty key switch constructed of corrosion resistant materials and heavy gage wiring exceeds the current requirements of the starter and engine pre-heat circuit. A red lamp mounted on the front panel indicates when the pre-heat circuit is active.

All components are assembled into a robust black powder-coated enclosure with text indicating key position. The plug-and-go external wire harness connects to the rear of the panel and has all the engine side connections pre-wired. The panel mounting bracket comes pre-assembled to the enclosure with three vibration isolators, making installation fast and simple.