WHB Series

  • Ideal for High Plains Irrigation Engines
  • Mounts Directly to Engine Flywheel Housing
  • Swichgage Instruments for Low Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temperature and Ammeter
  • Provision for Additional Instruments
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The WHB Series open type panels are the industry standard for High Plains irrigation engines. These panels bolt directly to the engine flywheel housing. They include Swichgage protection for low engine oil pressure and high coolant or high oil temperature and have provision to add additional Swichgage instruments, such as a pump discharge pressure, voltage regulator, throttle cable and start button or switch.

For diesel engines without shut-down solenoid in the injection pump, add a Murphy SV Series solenoid fuel shut-off valve or RP2300 series rack puller solenoid (for details visit www.fwmurphy.com).

Swichgage products are two instruments in one: (1) an accurate indicating gage with (2) a built-in, adjustable limit switch.

Panel Kits include:

  • Low Lube Oil Pressure Swichgage instrument
  • High Coolant/ Temperature Swichgage instrument
  • 117PH Magnetic Switch
  • PB128S Emergency Stop Push Button
  • Ammeter 60-0-60